Life is false and truth

Irene - Durango, Colorado
Entered on April 21, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

“Watch your thoughts; they become your words.

Watch your words; they become your actions.

Watch your actions; they become your habits.

Watch your habits; they become your character.

Watch your character for it will become your destiny”

Frank Outlaw

This astonishingly famous quote is a true statement about phony actions that can happen if you are not careful. Many people become something they are not and others want to be themselves no matter what anyone else thinks. At one point in time, I myself was a false idol and I then asked myself, “Why?” Then I realized that I would be happy with who I already am, being true to myself. I believe that life is false and truth.

People’s lives are different at different points in life, I sometimes try to be someone I’m not, or who I actually want to be. To me everyone in this world has influenced me in many ways. My parents have influenced me with their Lives, and also friends, and peers influenced me in this belief, because it’s a way of seeing if they’re being truthful or being false in the way they act. Now I am truthful to people, and my facade is left in the past.

When I was younger, I had wanted to be someone I am not. I was different and no one liked that. People would act cool just to be in a clique or in a group. No one would hang out with me so I was alone but I didn’t mind too much and I knew I would make more friends that way. So I wanted to be just like them and I chose to be someone I wasn’t. Later, I had friends but for the wrong reasons, and I knew I wasn’t pleased with whom I was. Thinking about it, I thought that I should be who I want to be and be happy with who I am. Now I am who I am and I am happy being me, even thought my life might not be great or if something bad happens.

Most people I know, have experienced this. I am true with who I am, but I am false with my emotions. I try to be strong, even though there is something in my mind, and happy when I know I am angry or miserable. Everyday I prove that I am who I am with whom I want to be with.

My community in this world is more positive with what I believe in because I know that people will accept me for who I am not for what I want to be. I believe that life is false and truth.