Astwin - Johnstown, Colorado
Entered on April 21, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

Being yourself is one of the best and most important things you could do in your life. If you don’t be yourself then, you’re being someone else. People have to know who you really are. People might think the wrong idea about you, and I’m pretty sure you don’t want that.

I show what I believe in everyday by doing most things the way I usually do them. If I’m in math, and there a problem I have to solve, I solve it the way I know how to do it. If I’m ever playing sports, instead of copying anyone else’s plays or tricks, I like to improvise and come up with my own. When I go out to buy clothes, which I hate, I don’t copy people’s styles again I use my own.

This belief is so unique to me because it chooses who I really am. Something unique to me is the sports or hobbies I play. If people see me l paying soccer at the park, then they’ll probably say this is his favorite sport, and it is. Well, on the other hand, if people see playing cricket because popular kids are playing then they wont the real me, don’t you think? Next, every time I get an answer and it’s not the same as someone else’s then I think it’s wrong so I change it. Guess what, most of the time my original answer is correct. So, I got out the habit, as soonest I learned my lesson.

Well, when I was younger my always took me shopping for new clothes. And when she did she always picked out my clothes for me. She didn’t even bother to ask me if liked them at all. So, I started to hate how she dressed me. I said to myself this isn’t me at all, this is who my mom wants me to be. One day my mom took me shopping again. She started to pick out clothes, and I decided to stand up to her and tell I don’t like the clothes you pick out for me, this isn’t any more, it’s you. After my mom and I talked she told me I could to start the clothes that I liked. As soonest I did I started feeling like myself again. And it felt gooooood.

Like I said before being yourself is one of the best, and coolest things you could do in your whole life. If you’re not being yourself, then who are you really being?