Laughter Makes Things Better

Maria - 90031, California
Entered on April 21, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

Laughter Makes Things Better

Laughter is something that helps you cope with pressure, sadness, anger, any type of unpleasant emotion. Laughter can be contagious. I believe that you should laugh everyday. I follow my own saying and live by it each and everyday: “Need not grieve for there is hope, need not cry for things will be alright, but most of all laugh your problems off into the world.”

I choose to laugh when I am tired, when I am sad, or when I simply don’t want to deal with my emotions. It’s like a defense mechanism to hide who I really am. It’s like a child’s safety blanket, but, in my case, laughter is my safety blanket. It keeps me safe from myself, from breaking down.

I, like many other students, let my emotions take control of my life. Stress is what I mostly feel, fear of failure and the yearning to do and act as I am told. Laughter takes me away from all that even if only for a few seconds.

I remember that in ninth grade I was so stressed out and the only thing that helped me get away from it all was laughter. I would try and laugh as much as I could because I felt like laughter changed my mood. It made things easier for me to deal with. Even now as a junior in high school, with two AP classes and parental pressure, I feel that laughing makes things easier for me. In life one has to learn to deal or simply be dragged through it all.

I’ve had many moments in life when I laugh everything away: after a test that I’ve failed, after a fight with my friends, when I feel like breaking down and crying. It helps me get away from my problems. I laugh as much as I can because laughter makes life better. It makes you happy and changes how you feel deep down.

I remember that once I had to take three tests on the same day. I stayed up late to study; I really felt that, that would help me. When I took the tests I felt confident. I really thought that I would at least get a C. A few days later, after my teacher had graded the tests, they passed them back to us. When I saw the grades I had gotten, I felt like crying and I was also mad. I was mad because I had really studied. I felt sad because it hadn’t paid off. I felt the tears falling and myself breaking down, then they made me laugh till my stomach hurt. As my stomach hurt from laughing too much, I realized that in the end it was only a test.

I don’t think that there has ever been a time when I’ve not laughed. I’ve always done it since I was small. I’ve always been a happy child even when faced with emotional and stressful problems. I don’t think I would be the same person if I didn’t laugh. People wouldn’t find me interesting and I wouldn’t like who I am either. I’ve always lived with the philosophy that one should laugh as much as they can everyday. This is the strongest belief I live with. I follow it all the time, everyday of my life, every moment I feel down.

I flow to the own beat on my drum. Laugh when I want because life should always have laughter.