This I Believe

Amanda - Kingston Springs, Tennessee
Entered on April 20, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

Every person comes from different backgrounds and everyone has their own personal story. My experiences in life, and how I handled them, made me who I am and have shaped my value system. One thing I believe in very strongly is respect. Many of the problems people face daily would not be an issue if respect were shown.

Growing up my mom always taught me to use my manners and say things such as “yes, ma’am” and “no, sir” when asked a question by an adult. These are things I still do and have noticed it is an example not many of my peers follow. I believe that many of the issues Americans have could be solved simply if respect were shown. For example, the new trend of killing someone on the road for cutting you off is a little scary. Something as small as having someone “take your spot” on the highway is not a justifiable reason to take someone’s life, although revenge might feel really good at the time. If the person in the hurry had shown respect for other drivers they wouldn’t place themselves in unnecessary life or death situations. I noticed once when I walked into a taco bell that the person behind the register seemed irritable. I was very polite when giving my order, cracked a few jokes, and used the manners my mom taught me. The cashier ended up giving me extra cheese on my nachos and a free drink for something as small as a little courtesy. I walked out of there a happy camper that day.

I believe there would not be a need for as many laws as we currently have if people could just show some respect to those living around them. Life is about teamwork and when people show decency to others things run a lot smoother. It is a lot easier to be respectful and have people work together than engage in an everyman for himself battle.