I believe in my soul’d ability to sing

Bridget - Carrboro, North Carolina
Entered on April 19, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in my soul’s ability to sing.

I find the lord in song

I hear his voice in every chord

I feel his love in every note

His perfection embraces me with every melody

Each section of the orchestra that picks up their bows

Reveals his plan for his children

Each voice that is added to the choir

Brings grace to the world of bleak darkness.

The music unites each lamb

And his gift crosses the divide of oceans, plains, and deserts.

I find him in Pachelbel

And James Taylor

In Vivaldi

And in John Lennon

I find him in my mother

And Scott Cash

In my friends as they sing to the radio

And in my grandparents, as the sing, not with gusto or grace, but rather with their whole hearts.

And I find a little bit of this glory in myself

As I pick up my violin and begin to play in harmony with others

As I sing with the faltering voice of a beginner

And each time that I hear this heavenly music,

my heart lifts, and I know he is there as well.