Buying American

Syed - canton, Michigan
Entered on April 18, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

Buying American

During these tough economic times; America is struggling to manipulate the American Auto industry of where it has lacked key components such as quality, fuel efficiently, re-sale value and styling. What comes in minds of millions of millions before purchasing or throwing their money out their pockets? Or do we look of where exactly all the dough is going.

In today’s recession, it’s one of the most popular talks in the news; where no one paid close attention to before; and therefore we are here today.

Over the years; we have seen continuous slump in the American auto industries (Big 3-Chrysler/GM/Ford) market shares. Of where we have been over powered by foreign auto industries competitors in our country sadly.

Now Americans can only imagine of where would they be if the top CEO’s who earned millions had a tremendous back up plan/ bolder line-up of fuel efficient cars and trucks/ high quality products. From my understanding; all these companies had mishandled spending all over the board; nothing was being really looked over; had the same old game plan which came to haunt us back.


Whether you support American car industries or not; reality is you have to show your confidence/support no matter what circumstances; it’s a circulating process in terms of running the economy. There are tremendous incentives being offered by Big 3 to lure customers in these bad times; they know that they need to try harder in order to sell cars. Styling has been improved significantly and true American unique models are starting to get unleashed. Consumer reports reflect of Ford Motor Company’s promise to move forward with better quality; some whom say it’s better than Japanese automakers; it’s also gaining customers due to many Americans whom oppose the federal bailout of GM and Chrysler.

In the essence we could also argue if our local automakers are truly American. The Big 3 has suppliers around the world and outsourcing jobs such as engineering. And in the comparison BMW/Honda have also developed plants in USA; what makes them different from Big 3? Why can’t we call them American; they are supporting our economy in some way or other.

The future remains to be seen if Chrysler and GM can survive on their own; without government assistance; and if it comes to worse possibility of bankruptcy; how others would respond and changes forthcoming.