One Of Those Days

Gabriela - Gypsum, Colorado
Entered on April 18, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem

Once in a while, one of those days when you feel like the world is crumbling down, has to come around. It feels like someone just knocked down a domino in your life and everything must come down. Those are the days that I fake laugh and just feel like wallpaper. I cry, I scream, I glare at the world, while my poor friends just try to get a laugh out of me. My friends embrace me with sympathy, or they just rain down with words of wisdom, like “tomorrow will be a better day” or “everything happens for a reason”. The next day I just feel plain dumb for acting the way I did, realizing that I just needed to loosen up. I mean at least my friends were trying and not ignoring me with my depression.

I realize that the world just can’t stop when one of those days comes around. I cannot pause my life until my anger and sadness has stopped. Even if it is hard to admit, the world does not stop for your benefit. As I rewind all those days that I have wasted in pain, I become shocked realizing that life is too short to waste. I look around at people carrying around clippings of risk of death, or who are paranoid of Friday the 13th, or who believe that picking up a penny facing tails is bad luck. I roll my eyes at them wondering at the same time, if I will turn into one of them. I feel sickened that these people, including me, just focus on the pain in life and do not enjoy the beauty of life. There are so many people who are truly suffering and sick. Then there are “normal” people like me, that are complaining that life is not fair and that God has put some kind of curse on us. They do not appreciate their lives and just how short they truly are. There are so many feelings that come upon us, but right now it has become greed when it should be enjoyment. We accomplish a goal and we want more without actually breathing in the moment that is in front of us. We cannot rush life so we must take time to realize the joy of accomplishing.

No one should let pain take over, so just let go of those wretchedly bad days. We need to live our life; be the one in control. Let us taste each second while we can, then let the memories swoop in with a smile on our faces. Life is too short to not enjoy; this I believe.