A Parent’s Unconditional Love

Genevieve - Phoenix, Arizona
Entered on April 18, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family, love

I used to believe that if I did something really terrible, my parents would never forgive me, but now I know better. After hearing stories from my parents about me as a baby I understand the torture I put them through.

It was the day of a big wedding and my mom, dad, and I were leaving our hotel. I was just a baby, and had probably had too much baby food. As my dad was about to put me in to our car, I began to spew throw up everywhere. It splattered on the walls of the hotel and wrecked my parents clothes, but my parents took it all quite calmly and still loved me even after I made them miss an important wedding.

After hearing this funny story from my parents, I realized that no matter what, my Mom and Dad would always love me. When I finally understood this, my whole body got a warm feeling and I felt a sense of comfort and belonging. I knew I could tell my parents anything, and even if I got punished, my parents would forgive me.

Today, I still tell my parents what I’ve done. It’s hard though because when I have done something wrong, I am afraid I’ll get punished and won’t be forgiven. But then, I’ll remember stories of me as a baby (particularly the throw up one) and I’ll be reassured that I will be loved. When I got a seventy five percent on a math test, I was able to tell my parents, and they weren’t mad at me.

Once, I lost my camera that I had just gotten for a birthday present. I was worried that if I asked my Dad if he’d seen my camera, he would get mad at me that I lost it. My sister had already lost her camera at least five times, and my Dad was pretty annoyed that she kept losing her camera, so I was worried about his reaction to me also losing my camera. I was to nervous to ask him, and about two days later he came up to me, perfectly happy and told me that he had my camera and he would give it back to me. I was immediately sad that I hadn’t just asked for my camera.

Now, I know that without having parents, I wouldn’t have people who I could tell anything. I wouldn’t be able to feel joyful when I tell my Mom or Dad that I’ve done something wrong and a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders. Parents are something every kid needs.

This I believe, don’t be afraid to tell your parents if you’ve done something wrong, no matter what, they’ll always love you.