A healthy food habit is good medicine

Sunday - Springfield,, Illinois
Entered on April 18, 2009
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe that a healthy food habit is good medicine.

The event that shaped my belief happened in 1974, when, I was diagnosed with possible colon cancer. It was not supposed to happen to a thirty-year old African. I had colonoscopy and several benign polyps were removed. Many tests since then, I am still fine. Like a lot of people with my type of experience, I started to exercise, mostly morning walks.

The belief and concern for my health grew as I got older. The concern became overwhelming as I watched the quality of life of some older people diminished by diseases and in some cases, treatments for those diseases. I became desperate to do something for me.

About four years ago, I did it. I compiled a list of foodstuffs, food suppliments and vitamins for a diet that could ptotect and enhance my health. With the help of health magazines,

and books, principally, the ENCYCLOPEDIA OF COMMON DISEASES by the staff of Prevention Magazine, I made a list of salmon fish, beef liver, chicken, fresh spinach, tomato paste, minced onion, vegetable oil, extra virgin olive oil,whole grain bread, pita bread, wheat bran, brown rice, small red beans, salads, white potato, corn kennels,carrots,red apples, men’s daily multivitamin/multimineral supplement, calcium plus vitamin D, eggs, Chinese chicken noodles soup, garlic oil capsules, and acidophilus. I shop for my grocery and cook every week , but the tedium of cooking is broken into more than one day per week.

My diet consists of small red beans covered with soup made from a combination of salmon fish, tomato paste, minced onion,spinach, and very little vegetable oil. I use the soup plus extra virgin olive oil, as appropriate, on every African and American food imaginable. I also use the combination of the small red beans, salmon fish soup and extra virgin olive oil as dressing on my salads. I eat the combination of chicken, white potato and corn kennels once or twice a week. My snacks are slightly boiled beef liver, carrots and red apples. I use eggs for the seasoning of my Chinese chicken noodles soup.

I am now sixty-five, no major illness or medical bills and I am on no prescriptions. Knock on wood.