Courtney - Soldotna, Alaska
Entered on April 17, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Every choice is life changing; because whether it is big or small, there will be a consequence. The consequences of my decisions will ultimately determine my destiny. So maybe, every consequence is life changing, but regardless, I believe that I choose my destiny.

As I said before, the decisions I make will determine my destiny. I do not believe that my fate has already been chosen, rather that it will be made up of my past, present and future choices and consequences, which are subject to change at any time or place, for any reason. I am the only one that can make that choice for myself.

I believe I always have a choice. Always.

A fourteen year old has had many choices already made for them. For me, it’s where I live and when my curfew is, I have to have permission before leaving my house. My choices greatly contribute to the amount of privileges I have. If I choose to have a more positive attitude I will have more privileges. If I choose a bad attitude my parents will believe that before I can have the privileges I want, I will need to improve my attitude.

There are times I forget how much control over my life I really have. It seems obvious, it’s my life, but there are people that want to make my decisions for me. I believe that the only person making decisions for me is and should always be me.

No matter where I am, or what I am doing, I have a choice, and I always will. Whether the choice includes only my attitude, it is mine to make and mine only. I realize I will not get to decide every situation that I am placed in, but I will be able to choose how I will react. Choices are everything. I become who I am by the choices that I make. When I make a decision, the decision will, in the end, show me who I am. This will be my destiny.