Blessing is disguise

Chad - Wayland, Michigan
Entered on April 16, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: gratitude

Blessing In Disguise

I think that the NPR I believe project is a really good idea. It allows individuals from all

across the world to compare and contrast their core beliefs that get them by on a daily basis. I

never really thought about how I have core beliefs that actually do get me threw the day. The

ones that come to mind first would be my family, my health, and God. Over the years I have

realized that I have been blessed with many opportunity that I have occasionally taken for


I believe that my family plays the biggest role in my life. I lived in an apartment with 3 of

my buddies this past semester, and by the end of the semester I was feeling empty inside. I have

noticed that there is no better feeling then having the love and support of my family members.

Without them providing a roof under my head and leading me in the right direction I wonder

where I would be today. I really believe that my family has played the biggest influence in my


Secondly, I would like to appreciate the fact I was born a healthy baby. My health has

gave me the opportunity to succeed and participate in physical activity. I have a cousin who has

down syndrome who is a grade behind me and a senior at Wayland High School. Billy faces

more challenging obstacles on a daily basis then any of us could imagine. Being around his

company and spending time with him gives me a chance to escape reality and observe life in

someone else’s shoes who is a little less fortunate then the rest of us. Having a family member

with disabilities has made me recognize something that I will always be thankful for.

When I think in depth about who I am today. I believe that God is responsible. He is the

one who provides me with everything I have, and will receive in the future. Having God in my life at a young age has always been there to cath me when im feeling down. Although I may not

be the perfect child of god, I still no that he forgives and he will be the one who is always there

for me.

Writing this paper has really allowed me to touch base with who I really am. I am a

Kalamazoo Valley Community College student who has come a long ways and realized that my

life in general has been a blessing in disguise.