Why I Help People

victor - holyoke, Massachusetts
Entered on April 15, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

There are a million reasons to help people. I believe in helping people because it makes me feel proud. I like to help because it makes me a better person. Also it is how I show affection.

Last month my dad Jose asked me to translate the Holyoke Housing authority application for him because he does not speak or read English. I felt really important that day because if I was not there he could not have finished it. Also I felt proud because I did him a favor that nobody else could have done.

My friend Zack needed money for his car payment because his job laid him off. I had enough money in my bank account so I went to the ATM across the street and withdrew the money. It made me feel like a better person because I really helped somebody that needed my help and I felt very worthy and important. I knew that Zack needed the money bad and I knew he would pay me back when he found a new job so I felt okay loaning the money to him

Another way I have helped someone was when my aunt Janet needed me to be there when she was having back surgery done at Baystate Medical Center. I was not very close to her but by being there with her I felt like I had an opportunity to start attaching to her and to show her that I care. Also I stayed there because I knew would she will feel more comfortable being next to me or someone from the family.

These are the reasons why I help people. Helping people is important because it shows what kind of a person you are. Helping people shows that you care and you want to see them succeed.