I believe in Being a Leader

Kayla - Mt.Sterling, Kentucky
Entered on April 14, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe…

I believe in standing up and being a leader for others in the everyday life. It could be a time where a basketball team is at a state game hoping to win the title. Then and there you need a leader to step up and help the team out. Or it can be in the classroom on an ordinary day. Being a leader means setting an example for others and doing the right thing. There should always be a leader or a role model for everything you might possible be involved in.

For example, a couple of months ago I was at cheerleading practice for the junior team. This is a team for kids that are in fourth to eighth grade. I was and always am on task and not talking during cheerleading practice, which is a surprise to some people, but true. During practice Coach Tricia let us take a drink break and also lets us rest for a little bit. But while we were taking a break she sat down and talked to us. She said that practice had been going poorly today. She made a comment to all of us saying that there was an eighth grader trying to lead the team and that she couldn’t do it all by herself. When she said that I got butterflies in my stomach. She asked everyone whom they had thought she was, then everyone looked at me and they all said “Kayla” at the same time. I felt kind of embarrassed and my face got red as an apple. But it made me feel wonderful that my teammates knew that I was trying to step up and be a leader.

My Coach came up to me after practice and said, “those girls look up to you, Kayla and today I was so proud of you. You set an example, and all those girls realized what they needed to do to be successful during practice. Thanks!” I again felt like I done a good thing but my face got red again. I got all choked up. But I nodded and smiled gratefully because she had recognized my hard work.

On the floor I am not anyone’s friend, I am just a strictly get-things-done-and-go-home-kind of cheerleader. I am really serious. But off the floor I am fun and awesome to be around. But I know I have to set an example on the mat and off the mat, too. I am a role model to them. It’s hard sometime but it makes me feel good inside that I am doing something right.

At that moment at practice I was a leader to all them other girls. At that very moment, on that very day, on that very hour was the time that I had found out that others look up to me. It was an amazing feeling that I will never forget.