The Reception

John - Princeton, Iowa
Entered on April 13, 2009
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: family

The Reception….

Wedding receptions are great for people watchers such as myself. We see the best of people. We can see the pride of devotion in Grandparents eyes. We can see the grateful children as the honor their parents. We can see the hopes for tomorrow with the children that are dress so nice to carry rings and toss flower peddles.

The dances, the traditions of flowers flung, the speeches the toasts and honors given. If you can’t find a moment that catches your breath then you are not watching closely. I saw a brother as best man thank his older brother the groom for his support during some recent hard times give his speech proclaiming his new bride was the best decision his brother ever made.

I saw a bride and daughter dance with her father, then her step father. She treated them both with equal respect. She clearly has become her own adult yet honored all the people who help her become the person she is today.

I saw a young ring bearer sitting at our table who loved fried chicken and showing everyone his tie. He quickly made new friends and was the center of attention even given the other festivities going around him.

This I believe if we simply remember to honor others and celebrate our relationships just as we would for such a great event we would build and sustain our family structures. People would remember the commitment we give to each other every day but we don’t take enough time to celebrate. So get some cake, mints and nuts. Take some pictures make some speeches and raise a glass. Mostly give honor, respect and love to those you treasure. Take the time to say the words that matter. I love you and my life is so much better because of you. Feed the spirit of family and drink in the joy your loved ones express.