Tyeisha - USA
Entered on April 12, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, gratitude

She is my heart. He is one of my kidneys. She is the other. She is my liver. She is my mind. She is my stomach. They are my flesh and bones. Along my journey from Cali to NYC, I have came amongst many bridges and at each one either my heart gave me the courage to get over it or maybe my kidneys gave me the strength. Perhaps it was my mind that gave me the wisdom to detour and take a different route. No matter which organ, there was always one that made sure I got over every bridge I ran into.

I believe family is a gift from God. My family is my SUPPORT SYSTEM.

Take the lettuce away from a salad and you’ve got nothing…that’s the feeling I would have if any one of these organs were to ever be removed from my body. It was wintertime at 3:16 in the morning on a Sunday. I was born into a blended family. I am the middle child on my mother’s side. But I am the second to last on my father’s side. I grew up in a house of all half sisters. Out of all five of my siblings, only one is truly my biological sister. As time went on, everyone got older and began their own life. Then came along college, boyfriends, husbands, nieces, a nephew and oh….a divorce….separation from what I only knew…a blended family. But I nor did they let separation get in the way of happiness, love, laughter, and health. From then on the value of family was created.

I believe family is such a valuable thing. My family is my energy, my laughs, and my love.

I live by the philosophy of taking each day one day at a time. In order to get through the day there are a number of things I must do like getting ready in the morning, planning out my daily schedule, enforcing what I have planned, and coming to a conclusion so that I can do the same the next day. Each morning my mom gets me ready for what the day has in store, my dad plans out my schedule and my grandparents makes sure I get every task done, and then my sisters put me to sleep. Man, thank God for my good conditioned heart, kidneys, mind, bones, and flesh to get me through one day at a time.