I Believe That If You Want Something, You Have To Earn It

jason - Brooklyn, New York
Entered on April 12, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: integrity

People around the world believe in many different things. Some people believe that you can get things by luck, winning things, charity, or cheating. Well, I believe that if you want something, you have to earn it.

Why do I believe this? I believe this because when I was seven, I wanted money. I was a person who thought that money was everything. However my mother said “if you want it, you must earn it by getting good grades on your tests.” I knew that I couldn’t get good grades on my tests because I was lazy. I failed many tests. I didn’t study. I never did homework. I got in trouble a great deal.

I knew that I had no chance of getting money by earning it. So, I thought about what could be another way of getting money aside from having to work hard. Out of nowhere, I got the idea of stealing it. I thought that it was an great idea. I knew that it was wrong to steal; Stealing was not a smart thing to do, but when I was seven I didn’t care. I wanted the money to buy Gameboy games. I was a bad kid who though that if I wanted it, it should be mine. My parents didn’t spoil me, but I was just a greedy kid. I thought that I could get away with anything. Come to think of this I am not proud of what I planned to do to achieve my evil plan. The next day I waited for my parents to go to work. I waited one hour before going to steal money. When one hour passed, I sneaked into my parents room and saw a jar full of money.

I tried not to take too much because if I did my parents were going to be suspicious of what happened to most of the money. So that is why I chose to steal only thirty dollasr.

I pretended that nothing had happened and that I just got thirty dollars in a snap. I thought to myself I understand why people tried to steal but it wasn’t a good thing to do. A few hours later, I had a weird feeling that the money was cursed. Every time I thought about the money that I stole, I felt weird. I felt chills coming down my spine. I could feel eyes staring when nobody was even there. I could feel my heart beating fast. I started to think that I should return the money, but I was so greedy that I still didn’t return it. Instead I thought I was just scaring myself.

But every time I thought about anything, I felt uncomfortable. So, finally I decided to put back the thirty dollars. After that, I felt much better, I didn’t feel weird or badly about having done something that was really bad. So after that day I worked harder in school and did all my homework. At the end, I got good grades and was given money that I had earned rather than stolen. That feeling was the best feeling of all.

To this day I never stole anything ever again. I would never forget about the uncomfortable feeling that I didn’t earn. So that is why I believe that if you ever want something, you have to earn it.