David - Los Angeles, California
Entered on April 12, 2009
Age Group: 30 - 50

Below, I am copying an email I have just written and sent to you. Please feel free to use it in the form of an essay. I hope you will not find any shame in airing some of the messages of the many supporters of your highly valued and valuable work. Best wishes, David.

Dear Jay and Colleagues,

I understand that many varied factors in life lead to changes — both wanted and unwanted.

It is my deep hope that whatever the reasons for ending the current run of This I Believe, that undervaluing is not mistakenly among them.

Our American culture has long had a deficit of contemplative and introspective public discourse. This kind of dialogue is fundamental to the bettering of our selves and our choices — as individuals, as citizens, and as a society. It serves us in much the same way that the principles of democracy serve whole nations of people contemplating their political choices.

It is my belief that programs like yours help to carry us honestly and comfortably — and almost always humbly — into the otherwise uncomfortable territory of exploration of our selves and our culture. It is an aid to contemplating the diversity that is Us.

I don’t know of any other program that serves in these meaningful ways quite like yours. I will miss your presence and our voices, deeply and at length. I will wish steadily for their return.

My best wishes to you all.


David V. Brotman

Los Angeles, CA