What I believe about Faith

Teresa - Iowa
Entered on April 11, 2009
Age Group: 50 - 65

There are to many conflicting religious beliefs and to many that think their sect is the chosen one, for what they believe is for a chosen few in Gods Kingdom. I don’t know who started this myth, but I really think religious leaders ought to rethink this ideology method. No person today can know for sure what is true and what is real for all of Gods creation and his people/humans made in his image, since we all according to the Bible share that trait, and since we all in one way or another share in evolving as humans/people, I’d say we still have quite alit/abit of work to do in his first commandment which is to love one another and ourselves as God loves us, which can be seen everyday by the small and large miracles that are part of our everyday lives, if we just look around to notice when they happen all around us all the time. Kind’a like a cycle, yaw know, and it’s a global thing, get it? We have a Cathedral that is our Sky/Heaven and the Sun/Moon/Stars to distract us when the world seems to get to heavy for us to handle at times as well as all the miracles of Nature that God made for us. Think of it as the rebirth of all the infants of Gods Creation that comes to us daily/hourly/imminently, it is a “Good” thing. Oh/Hun. (sorry ,couldn’t resist throwing in that last/preclude in there)

I have a lot of Faith in our Creator, he’s carried me through really hard times in my life, truly.