Fernando - Milpitas CA 95035, California
Entered on April 10, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

A quote iv been wanting to coin for a while “When you step out of your understanding that’s when you learn.” Growing up I have been through my fair share of drama but I’m not going to go into that also currently going through something but that’s another story. Anyways my experiences can be compared to Swimming. Scenario when someone is learning how to swim there is the teacher and the student. The teacher then pushes the student into the pool and the person then learns the first lesson drowning (not dieing) anyways then the student begins to doggie paddle and when the struggling becomes to much the teacher then saves the student. With my experiences I feel like I have been pushed into a pool without me even prepared to swim. And at the same time having no teacher just many other drowning people and people who know how to swim. This is my process of learning i guess. Each time i find my comfort zone in life I get pushed out by outside forces or influences in my life. These can be people or principals. Each time I drown alittle bit but sooner or later I learn. From one comfort zone to the next. Maybe next time i would be ready to swim or get into drama and dive in because I learned.