The Power of Love

Whiteny - Pearland, Texas
Entered on April 10, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

Love is said to be one of the most powerful things. It is love that brings us all together, in a quest for one common goal, to sustain love. To keep it an active cog in the clockwork that is our life. I am not referring to the Hollywood perpetuated, we met yesterday and now we are soul mates and getting married, “in love”. No, the love that I speak of is much more basic and true, for it does not weaken or diminish. It is the feelings of unromantic love that bind people such as family or friends together. They leave their mark of love on our minds and our hearts, so that even when they are gone, their love will remain in the memory of those that it touched. It is this love that is so powerful that it can change a person for the better. It is this life-altering love that I believe inspires greatness.

I have a friend, who is one of those few special people that is basically an all around superstar. They are amazing, gifted in almost every subject and in almost every way, and yet, they still have their modesty even though they are constantly praised and bowed down to as if they were royalty. They focus on the spread of their gift, not on what or where it gets them. The most important fact, to me, about this person is that they are my best friend, along with being above average at pretty much everything. This person is a beacon in my life, guiding me through the fog. This person is also my cheerleader, always there hoping for the best for me. This person is my confidant, a person that I can always talk to, and someone whom I love. The love that I have for and receive from this single person can drive me on and force me forward in my life. This love gives the stamina and perseverance to strive to make this person proud. For I want this person, if only for a split second, to see me with the admiring eyes that I look at them with everyday. I want to live up to the high standards that they have set all around them. Though I already have their love, I want to deserve their love, I want to earn it, and I want it to mean something. Their love drives me onward, helping me to set, reach for, and achieve higher goals then I thought possible. While, at the same time, my love for them pushes me forward as well, in the hope that I can be adored and admired. Our love for on another combined inspires greatness within me.