I believe in Hope

Jessica - Pearl River, New York
Entered on April 7, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope

I believe in hope and faith and that everyone should believe in the unbelievable. Many things in life don’t work out the way we would like them to, but eventually they works out somehow. Even if something in life seems completely hopeless, it will often work out in the long run.

My dad is allergic to animals, so getting a house pet was never really an option for me. I love dogs and I have wanted one for a long time now, but I could never get one. I would beg my dad for days and weeks at a time to get us a dog, but he never said yes. Asking and begging my dad to get a dog became a habit.

One day in my daily routine of asking him, my dad said that we can make an appointment with a breeder, but it was not definite that we could get one. I knew that it was not a definite fact that I was getting a dog but somehow I felt that the faith I had for many years finally paid off. My dad had actually considered getting a dog. That was an important moment of my life.

We went to the breeder and found a hypoallergenic dog which we bought and brought home as part of the family. As soon as my family saw her we knew she was the dog we wanted. All close family friends who knew that we were getting a dog were just as surprised as we were that my dad had gotten us a dog. They never thought it was possible, but I had faith that my dad would one day get sick and tired of the begging and say yes.

Now my dog, Tilly is part of the family and everyone loves her including my dad. When we got her she was about three pounds and most of her was fur. She was very nervous the first time we brought her home but she became accustomed to the family and everyone loves her now. He will sit with her and pet her until he’s got to go do something. He is probably has the strongest relationship with the dog. Getting my dog was an unbelievable moment for our family and everyone we told thought we were joking. This event can show everyone who wants something that hope and faith are never wasted and that even the unbelievable can happen in someone’s life.