I believe in basketball

Katie - USA
Entered on April 7, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

I believe in basketball. Many people enjoy going to basketball games because of the overwhelming energy the game brings you. Whether you are sitting in the bleachers filled with rowdy fans, sitting nervously on the bench, or ambitiously coaching the game brings a sense of optimism and makes you forget about everything.

Ever since I was young I have been surrounded by basketball. It naturally started when my dad was a kid and would play. Him and his five other siblings would always be starting games anywhere that they could possibly play. My grandparents, a huge supporter, would make every game and nearly jump out of her chair after every play. They continued this tradition of going to basketball games by supporting my aunt as she coached the girl’s varsity basketball team. Going to the games was like going to a family party. My family, including aunts, uncles, and cousins, would be at the game cheering the girls on. We would all have specific spots on the stands and know exactly what cheers to do. Even on holidays when we are all together you can find each and everyone of our clan, from age 2 to age 82, is surrounding the television waiting for Duke to score the last point to tie the game. If we’re not watching we are playing in the driveway. On Christmas Eve every year we would all go to my grandparents house, with a basketball hoop placed directly over the driveway, cars would be lined up in the street giving us a court to play on. My aunts and uncles would pull up to the house, roll down the window, and say, “I’m not allowed to pull in the driveway, right?” This was just known to everyone that the court was of the highest importance. To this day, even with my grandfather passed away, we still come together because of one thing, to play the game we all love, basketball.