That Which has Not Been Imagined

Alexandra - Studio City CA 91604, California
Entered on April 6, 2009
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: creativity

I believe in imagination. In a world that is often overwhelming and where I sometimes crumple from the feeling that we are awash is problems that are insurmountable, i take heart in the belief that there is a treasure chest filled with ideas that have not yet been had that can provide the key to solving even our most daunting challenges.

My belief in the remarkable power of “making stuff up” is affirmed to me every day when I go to work. It’s my great good luck to be the head of story development for an aniumation studio. The work that takes place there every day stretches out to the limits not only of the unknown, but of the never known. How could a snail win the indy 500? How does a nano particle commuiocate with a human. Is the Easter Bunny a rabbit and how might he distribute eggs around the globe in a single night. these questions are posed and examined with scientlific rigor and philosophical diligence. the worlds we ceate must feel authentic to people, both physically and emotionally.

One of the worries I’ve learned to mitigate in my job is the one about how we can technically create an environment or character that a writer or artist has imagined. It seems that there is always a way. Living in this theoretical universe of limitless creative thinking has changed the way I look at the world. The other day my 12 year old daughetr asked me with deep adolescent anxiety of we humans could ever figure out a way to dispose of all of the waste we create without destroying the earth we live on. My initial reaction was the truthful, I don’t know, but right behind that was the equally truthful answer “yes.” Because I believe that whatever can be imagined can be achieved. And I believe that the greatest opporunities lie in that which has not yet been imagined. This belief gives me greater comfort than almost anything that I can imagine.