Could This Be True?

Brianna - 06010, Connecticut
Entered on April 6, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

When I was a younger, around 5 years old, I found it very hard to believe that there was no such things as fairytales. The way that this was brought to my little mind was when a boy in my class was making fun of me for reading Cinderella, and claimed in front of the class that I believed in princesses and princes. Some students laughed others were confused, and as for me, well I argued and said that he was not true. With that incident stuck in my mind, I went home that day and talked to my mom about this. She had said that the little boy was partially right, but yet, not completley. I asked her what exactly she meant, and she stated that you don’t need to be a princess with magic talking mice in order to be successful and respected. She said that the author wrote this story in order to entertain the young readers, like me, and to tell them a moral. And the moral of this story was that no matter what situation you are in, follow your dreams and your heart, and you will end up on the path where you want to be.