I believe serial killers are not born evil poeple

willie - greensboro, North Carolina
Entered on April 6, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that serial killers are put here on earth the same reason everyone else is, to live life to the fullest. They are not breed to kill people. If you did any type of research of any serial killer you would better understand the reason for their actions, no there is no positive reason for what they do but there is a reason. Most of the time serial killers childhoods were totally abnormal, usually there are abused, not giving no were near the amount of attention that a child needs, and even wet the bed till their early teenage years. One of the most famous serial killers was a guy who confessed to killing over 3000 women and he goes by the name of Henry Lee Lucas. Henry had a reason for being mentally bothered and having not a lick of respect for women. Henry grew up with his mother in father sounds like a nice normal family but his mother and father brewed moonshine and after hours of drinking they would go beat Henry for apparent reason. Henrys family was very poor; his father would sale pencils on the corner just for a little pocket change. Day after day Henrys mother would make him watch her have sex with men for money. That rips a kid’s heart out to see your mother doing things like this. So when was older and he had been away from his mother for awhile and one night at the bar his mother came in, they shared a couple drinks together. Later they headed back home she started an argument then started hitting him, so he pulled a blade out and slit her throat. Henry had no respect for women because he figured all women were like his mother. So there you have it Henry Lee Lucas had a reason for what he did. When Henry was born he had no expectations in becoming a serial killer but Henry had a lot of built up pain so Henry went out to the world and let it out making the world just feel half of the pain he had felt.