Picking The Garden Flowers

Nicole - Star, Idaho
Entered on April 4, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in making mistakes. You learn from them. It isn’t a living thing that teaches you the lesson. It’s just that taunting moment when time stops and all you can think is “crap”.

When i was old enough to run, i picked flowers. Constantly. Mom liked when i plucked the invading dandelions from the lawn, but she always shook her finger and warned me not to pick the flowers decorating the yard. She said,”Leave those flowers alone young lady, keep them there so all of us can enjoy them.” It was so unfair, because those were the sweet smelling and seemingly untouched flowers in the whole neighborhood. Plucking them would be like getting the first cookie fresh out of the oven.

I took the risk despite the stern waving of my mothers’ finger. Being discreet, i went to play outside knowing that mom would be busy making lunch. I was in war. Squishing my tiny body against the side of the house, i slyly shimmied my way to the flowers. Not making a sound i uprooted the helpless flowers, dirt and all. “Nicole! Lunch is ready!” Oh no, i thought. What am i suppose to do now, she’ll see the flowers and ill have failed my mission. There was no other choice. I stuck them down my pants, dirt and all.

Proudly thinking i had escaped my doom, i marched into the house with something i had not left with. A big bluge. I was so sly, no one would ever notice the dirt trail coming from my pants that followed me into the kitchen. Mmmmm, grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup, my favorite. Lost in the aroma of lunch, i forgot about my bulge. Looking up i saw my mothers face trun from a happy grin to a solemn frown. Holding out her hand i sadly had been defeated. “Crap” i thought as i reached into my pants and pulled out the now crumpled flowers and surrendered them to my mother.

Sneaking the flowers was an adventure, but i learned a lesson. I’m not sure what emotion had come over me that day to take the risk, but i now respect my mistake. After all, my mom was right, coming home and being able to smell and see them each day is peacefully relaxing.