This I Believe

Ashley - Palmer, Alaska
Entered on April 3, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30


“Go make me a pizza,” Kyle said. I started to get up when J Chris immediately grabbed me and pulled me down. He said, “No.” I wasn’t quite understanding why J Chris had pulled me back down. Kyle demanded again that I put the Totino’s three cheese pizza in the oven for him. I jumped up and put the magical delight in the oven. Immediately J Chris jumped up and told me we had to talk in another room. So we went in a another room, and he looked at more seriously than I had ever seen him look before, He asked what I thought I was doing. I didn’t really understand what he meant.

He said in a clear, but scared voice, “Do you not realize that out of everyone in the room Kyle picked you to make his food, because you’re a female. He was discriminating against you, and you have no idea.” I apologized to J Chris for not really understanding what had just happened. J Chris was so appalled by Kyle’s behavior towards me, that he began to rant about equality, that the world is changing. J Chris also said that Kyle can make his own food, because men and women are the exact same. These days women are doing the exact same jobs as men, but women are so used to men discriminating against them that they don’t even notice it anymore; it’s become a way of life.

I believe men discriminate against women without women even knowing it. If more people were to stand up to discrimination it could change people’s behavior towards each other. These days it seems to be a way of life for men to discriminate against women, or has it been this way since the beginning of human race?