Dance in the Rain

Kelsey - McKenzie, Alabama
Entered on April 3, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem

Everyday I wake up and look out my window not knowing what the day has in store. Whether it will be bright or gloomy. No matter how I feel when I wake up, I try to believe the day will be good. Life isn’t about waiting on the storm to pass, its about going out and dancing in the rain.

About four years ago I cam, to what I thought, was a dead end. I thought the storm would never pass, and there was no reason to dance. My dad was a drug addict. He didn’t believe in giving up a one or two hour high for his kids. My reason to dance, I soon realized, was no matter what he said he still loved me.

Life isn’t all easy. It gets complicated at times, but that’s when you just have to realize you may not have a tomorrow. Almost six years ago my grandmother received the news she had cancer of the liver. At that moment she wanted to give up, stop fighting. The doctor told her she only had one year to live. And now hear it is six years later and shes still making it. We never know when its our time. So please live for this moment, this minute, and this second as if there isn’t a tomorrow.

Just live today, I believe, is an important credo. Longfellow once said, “Trust no Future, howe’er pleasant! Act-act in the living Present!” Don’t let a hard day bring you down. Dance and live all the time, rain or shine.