I believe in karma

Manuel - Barcelona, Spain
Entered on April 3, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in something that most people don’t believe in …

I believe in ‘karma’; if you do good things, good things will happen to you.

It’s strange for someone like me to believe in it. I was always in trouble, all the time and everywhere. Not such a long time ago I would just laugh at someone who talked about believing in ‘karma’. But suddenly I decided to try to do good things and wait to see if something happened.

The first result was that I didn’t get into so much trouble, but that’s a logical consequence. Then suddenly my marks went up, but I also thought it could be that as I was in less trouble, I could study more. But what I couldn’t have imagined was that my luck had changed as well: by sending a simple SMS message to a competition I won a 50 inch TV screen! It was just INCREDIBLE! By consistently behaving well I had suddenly won a home cinema!

Well, after these two material prizes, I won another thing as well, the most important: people started liking me, believing in me, changing their mind. They see you with different eyes, not as the stupid boy that did stupid things. In fact, now the boy that once threw my glasses to the floor because of what I did to him defends me when someone laughs at me. One day you open your eyes and you see that you are surrounded by people who don’t mind helping you with anything.

It’s amazing what a simple belief can do. It changed my life. Just close your eyes, think about something wrong you have done and imagine what you could do to rectify it. Now I invite you to open them, stop doing what you are doing, stand up and make that change!

… I promise, you’ll feel better.