A Real Stress reliever

Steven - Pearland, Texas
Entered on April 2, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: pleasure

Stress is something that accumulates in a person’s body and is usually released in some way. No one can keep stress inside; no matter how hard they try. If it is released with a small sigh or if it’s released with a very loud cry, it is going to be released one way or the other.

I personally wouldn’t recommend either of them because they don’t make me feel any better than I felt before I did them. I believe dancing is one of the world’s greatest stress relievers because it not only gets you a great exercise but it also makes you feel a lot better. I remember in tenth grade I was struggling with my grades and my parents were on my back constantly about it. There was one day where I didn’t even want to talk to anyone at school, not to mention at home. I was sad for a while and whenever I began to feel really down, I would go to someplace away from my house and just dance. People would stop and watch and it wouldn’t bother me a bit. It was like I was on a stage but I couldn’t see the audience because I was blinded by so much stress and hard ache. I could dance for hours and it made me feel invincible because I wasn’t doing anything illegal, I was simply dancing because it made me feel untouchable. I had several days of depression during tenth grade but I wouldn’t show it to my friends at school because I would rather conceal my emotions than let them rub off on my friends. One day, I had been dancing for so long at my neighborhood park, that a crowd gathered around me and I hadn’t even realized until I was through. When I was done, the entire audience started to applaud me and it made me fill like a million bucks. That was the day my stress was completely relieved for my tenth grade year. After that day, I have been dancing not just to relieve stress but because I have found something that I’m good at and no one can tell me different. After getting an applause from an very large crowd in public I believe that dancing is one of my best talents. To be honest, I believe that the best stress reliever is always the thing that you love to do the most.