Love & Care

Yesenia - California
Entered on April 2, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family, gratitude

I believe in the power of love a mother has and devotion to make a child well. I was born with many disabilities and in spite of doctors being negative, my mother knows better. My mom took four buses to Children’s Hospital of L.A. It took her two hours to get there for doctors’ appointment, and my surgeries. She was always on my side.

When I was young instead of walking, I was in a wheel chair, due to my curator of my spine. I had a total of three back surgeries, to correct, my spine. Finally I was able to get out of my wheel chair and walk. This experience was probably scary for my mom. But she continued to calm down every time she goes with me to the hospital.

I have had surgeries since I was a baby. One, time I even had surgery to have a growth remove from my right eye. On my left eye I had my eyelashes reduced. I will soon have some surgery on my left eye for better vision. Of course my mother will be they’re giving me her love and care. My lung doctor still doesn’t know what he going to do with my lung, and my spine.

Recently, I was at my orthodontist, and as if all my medical problems weren’t enough, I now need to have a tooth pulled to make room for my braces. Again my mother’s love comes through while she takes me to all my appointments .I have a long way to go for my medical conditions, but I am happy because I have a wonderful family that loves, and supports me. In the future, I just wish normal life of friendships and fun. I want to go to college and continue my education. And, I will always be grateful to my mother that showed me love.