What’s your life?

Kylie - wrightstown, New Jersey
Entered on April 1, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

I believe music is a key ingredient in feeling invincible. It is what makes me feel invincible. I also believe that music is a wonderful thing. To me, music is life. If I only had music in my life and nothing else, I would be happy forever. Music and I go way back. My most lost and confusing moments ended with a song for it.

Last year, when I was in seventh grade, I had gotten my first real boyfriend. He meant a lot to me considering I had liked him for two whole months before he had asked me out. I was on cloud nine, well I thought I was. After about a week, he dumped me, but I’m over it. I used to write poems about him and I hope to turn them into a song one day.

This year, my grades started out horrible. They were slipping and no one was there to help me besides my best friend, and she didn’t help me much. My life was spiraling out of control as I was being sucked into drama and I couldn’t handle it anymore. I knew that if I didn’t get away from it all, everything, and everyone. One day I had had enough, I went home, grabbed my guitar and went straight to my room. I sat there for almost three hours, just playing. It gave me the most amazing feelings when I came out. Like a huge burden had been lifted off of me.

Music is my peace spot. It’s the place I go where you want to get away from everything and I won’t be faced with problems, you just play. When I play, its like I go to a whole different place, more amazing then reality could ever be. I guess you can pretty much call it a fantasy.

My experiences with music would shock you. When you first meet me, you would think that I was just an outgoing sport loving person, but there’s more to me. I never let my emotions show; they are channeled through my music and my writing. That’s all I will ever use to show them.

I believe music can lighten anyone’s spirits and cheer anyone up. It’s a wondrous thing that an amazing person created, and truthfully, I envy that person so much. Music is my life. Now the question is what’s your life?