religious Love

Jessica - Charlotte, North Carolina
Entered on April 1, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I am a Religious person with many beliefs that I feel strongly about. There are many rights and wrongs that iI have Observed. Teens are going on the wrong path with their future, but I feel that if people believed what I believe They would be in a comfortable state of mind.

Mecklenburg Community Church is a family oriented home. The church has grown and I have grown with it. There are so many reasons to have a belief, I feel that all of this lies in your morals and what you feel is right.

Most teens have already given themselves to another peer and I feel that I have to give myself to the Lord until marriage. My Mother gave me a purity ring at the age of Thirteen and because my Mother feels as strong as she does, it means much more to me than my peers understand. We have honesty and to me, having my parents trust is what matters the most.

When I got saved I began to get closer with the Lord which got me closer to my parents. I feel that everyone is capable of living in a positive manner but it startd within you;your desire all begins with your faith. It has been said that when you are strong in your faith,you are committed to your certain belief, but I feel that without mistakes there is nothing to learn. I feel that flaws are what make you human but when you continually make the samr ones you head down the wrong path.

In my opinion your beliefs ae what make you a individual. In many ways I feel that a strong minded person is the best thing because when you ae strong minded, you can get through anything that you feel is important and you go for it because you know that that’s the best thing for you to do.