Stefan - USA
Entered on March 31, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: integrity

Lying to people is not cool. If I would have lied to everybody and they would believe everything that I told, there probably would be something wrong because people usually do not believe everything that a person has told or even maybe said something.

This I believe is not a very good habit. People eventually would not believe and/or even trust that person if that person has lied every time. I have seen and experienced myself that lying to someone, and believe me, is not funny.

At home when I was a youngster, I lied to my father and mother when they asked me if I had done this or that or something bad. I almost always said no, but luckily somehow I got away with it and I thought it was cool. When time passed by, I had gotten somewhat tired of lying to my father and mother. When they asked questions about other things I had done, I told a couple of true answers. My father and mother just did not believe a single word from what I have said. Now I had a choice to make, either lie so they will think it was true, or tell the truth so they will not believe me.

For couple of years now when I tell the truth to my father and mother, they still need to think about it and ask me again if it is true, or not or maybe they will just think it was just a joke even though I told the truth. Now I am a little careful for what I say to my father and mother because I have to think before I say something and have to know if it is true or not.