I Believe We Should Go the Extra Mile

Patrick - Salisbury, North Carolina
Entered on March 29, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that if a man asks you to carry his bag for a mile you should carry it for that mile and continue for a mile more. The common moral conception of how much to do for another is to do just enough or only what is asked of you, but I believe that we should do more than what we may be asked to do in an effort to inspire joy, thanksgiving, peace, and a hope filled faith in the ethics and morals of humanity.

In October of 2007 a youth pastor of a local church went the extra mile for me and made an epic impact on my life, present and future. Jeremy Vess, the youth pastor of Salisbury Christian Fellowship, and I met when I visited his youth group in the summer of 2007. I felt a special connection with Jeremy the moment he welcomed me with open, loving arms and made me feel as if I had no need to try and feel accepted and to try and fit in because no matter who I was, sinner or saint, I was in the right place. Jeremy took a special interest in me, an outsider, and started bringing me in to the family of God by inviting me to play the bass guitar in his youth praise band, next I found myself asking Jeremy for every piece of advice I needed and before I knew it, Jeremy and I were in local coffee shops every Tuesday just having fellowship having him mentor me. All I really asked of Jeremy was to be a friend, acquaintance or at least someone to look up to and get along with, but Jeremy took the time to step into my life and share his wisdom and knowledge with me and in that effort he inspired joy, thankfulness, kindness, peace and faith within me. Today I stand a changed man because Jeremy Vess not only carried my bag for a mile but he continued for a mile more and by doing that he opened my eyes to a realm of a world once unknown to me.

This is why I believe we should take the extra mile. We never know what we could accomplish in someone’s life, we only know that the seed we sow will not be fruitless if we take the time and effort to do it well.