Chad - Lake Park, Minnesota
Entered on March 28, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Opportunities are endless. However, good opportunities only come every so often. When I recognize a good opportunity, I will more than likely take it. I believe that if life gives me lemons, that I should make lemonade, because if I do that, my world could be a better place to live.

It was not always that way with me; I used to let a bunch of opportunities pass me by, and than something bad usually came afterwards. In fourth grade, I had an opportunity to hang out with some people I did not hang out with very often. Earlier, my friend Dettrick asked me if I wanted to play football with him. I took the offer to play football with Dettrick instead of hanging with the others, even though it would have been nice to make new friends. When I was going to kick the football, I put the ball in the hole in the middle of a manhole my school had in its field. I tried to kick the ball as hard as I could, but the manhole was raised a couple of inches above the ground. I kicked the steel manhole with all my might and fractured my big toe. It did not hurt that bad at first because it was numb. As I hopped to the nurse, it started to hurt. I went to a doctor to get my toe x-rayed. I later found out that I did indeed break my toe. If I would have played with the other kids, I would have made new friends and I wouldn’t have broken my toe. I think that if I take more good opportunities, I would have many things that make my life better.

The next year at my school, Dettrick asked me if wanted to hang out with him at lunch break. I told him I had already made plans to play football with the people that I ditched a year earlier, because I hadn’t spent much time with them, so now was my chance. In the middle of the game, everyone ran over to the swing set for something. I went over there and saw a boy that was playing with Dettrick, instead of me, lying on the ground. He had broken his neck after falling off the swing set.

That sight made me think about how that could have been me if I had been playing that game with Dettrick. It also made me think of if I wouldn’t have taken that opportunity to play with my new friends something bad could have happened to me, but instead I made new friends. Ever since, I have put some kind of thought in every opportunity that comes my way. Like this year for prom, I had an opportunity to go with someone, but I didn’t know if I wanted to go to prom. I thought about what I would miss and it made want to go. However, it is okay to let some opportunities go, no one is perfect, and some opportunities can change your life in a good way.