Friendship is Essential

Dawid - Antioch, Illinois
Entered on March 27, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Looking back, friends have always been an important part in my life. Friendship is a key part for many people to make them feel like they belong in a group of people. I cannot find a time where I felt like I was wanted and accepted without having friends surrounding me and feeling welcomed too.

When I joined the marching band my sophomore year I only knew a few people that were in it. The first couple of days were a little uncomfortable because I did not now a lot of people. I quickly started to get to know more people there and made very good friends with my instrument section as well as the rest of the band. Once I made these friends, I was very pleased to go to practice and the football games because I knew that I would see and people that I knew there and would be able to share the experience I would have with them. Having friends on a large scale like on a team or a group like a club or student counsel is important, but small groups of friends can also pack a powerful punch. I was at an unhealthy weight for my age and height a little while back and was tired of looking that way. I wanted to really commit to getting in shape but lacked some determination in it until one of my friends gave me the final push and constant reminders that I needed. He helped me stay focused and we were able to lose the excess weight together. The more successful he got at losing weight, the more determined I became to catch up. I am really happy where I am at now and it really showed me that friendships are very important. When another friend of mine also saw the value in a healthy lifestyle, he too jumped on board, and, with the help of my friend, he too is working toward a very clear goal. Friendships can be one of the most important aspects of a person’s life. Living with an abundance of good friendships can propel a person to do their best.