I am a Wrestler

Camilo - Miami, Florida
Entered on March 26, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

My eyes jerk open. “Where am I? What happened?” I’m in a bed. The sheets are drenched with sweat along with the rest of my body. I throw the damp bedding off, partially rise, and begin looking at my surroundings. “My room? I wasn’t here a minute ago.” A jolt is sent up my body and a familiar pain begins to sink in. I sit still for a few moments trying to find a part of my body that wasn’t in pain; my left ear and the pinky on my right hand seem to be fine. I try to put it out of my head, but another sensation begins to overcome the pain in a worse way. My stomach felt as if it was imploding inside of me; punishing me for not feeding it the past few days. I start to lose my feint grip on reality.

“I was wrestling… ‘Key West’, I saw his face. We had shaken hands. I saw the score board; we were tied.” I reproach reality, get up, and walk towards the bathroom. I turn the sink on. The sound of running water was all that could be heard throughout the dreaming house. I collected water in the palms of my hands and splashed it on my face. As the drops ran down my face, a few touched my parched lips and I couldn’t help but let them fall into the tundra of my mouth, and give me a sweet moment of satisfaction. The water was arctic to the touch, but nothing at that moment felt more refreshing. My focus shifted to the reflection of the stranger in front of me. Water droplets are cascading from his face. His bottom lip is slightly cut open on the right side. His nose is notably swollen with dry blood around the rings of his nostrils. Above his right eyebrow there is a gash with a bit of blood seeping through. His eyes were his most arresting feature. A look of pain and desperation in them, but deeper inside there is a fiery glow, almost frightening, trying to break through from the shell of a desolate situation. It was mesmerizing.

“‘Key West’ took me down, I remember that. The timer showed thirty seconds. I shot in on my knees and elevated him up by the thighs. I had him in the air. It all went black.” Our eyes are still locked, our gaze never being broken. I decided to leave him be and walk out of the bathroom, putting pressure over just above my right eyebrow. I recline back into the still moist bed that I had appeared in. With my arms crossed, giving support to the back of my head, I stare into the darkness. My eyelids become increasingly heavy. “I’m coming for you ‘Key West’.”