This I Believe

Hannah - Holton, Kansas
Entered on March 26, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

I believe I should honor the past, because no matter what happened, or how horrible it was, it is part of who I am. I believe I should live in the present, because it is a gift, and once it’s gone, it’s history. I believe I should not focus on my future, because life never turns out the way I plan it.

I believe the past is the key to wisdom. The series of events that have occurred in my life can be used for anger and rejection, or wisdom and understanding. My past helps me to be more understanding of others in a time of pain because I have experienced much pain. When I was nine, my mother died from colon cancer, and when I was 14, my father died because his liver failed. I consider this a gift, a gift that helps me to help my friends and family through in hard times. A gift that helps me show people there is a way and that they can always make it through. This has also helped to keep me from making bad choices like alcohol because I have seen the horrible effects of it through my Dad. Those effects are anger, stupidity, and death.

I believe that the present is a gift, a gift to choose the path I will take. I believe I should live in the moment, live with no regrets, and be myself. Don’t hastate to do something I want to do, because I may never get the chance again.

I believe the future is a mystery that can never be solved. No matter how had I plan something, no matter how hard I want to do something in the future, a simple car ride, doctors visit, of slip on the sidewalk could change my plans forever. I should never treat someone harshly, because the next day they might be gone. My dog and I were walking together and he jumped, pushed me over, and left a gash on my arm. I was angry with him, and put him in his pin. Later that evening when I went to give him another walk, he was gone. Someone had taken him, and the last thing he will remember of me is me being angry with him. Never say, “I hate you” to someone, because that might be the last think they hear me say. But no matter what the future may bring, it will be just a piece of the puzzle that will in the end, show the whole picture of what I call my life.