Respecting others

Kim - Phenix City, Alabama
Entered on March 25, 2009
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: respect

I believe that all honest work has value, and that the people doing the work deserve respect.

In my current position in a large communications company, it is common practice to publicly display documentation of an employee’s failure to meet a company standard. These documents are posted in the common areas of the building where I work. This practice is no doubt intended to shame employees into producing better work. In acutality, it creates a demoralized and resentful workforce. Everyone I work with is searching for a better position.

In a former workplace, my immediate supervisor would insert nasty remarks about your job performance into the insurance claim files. This was visible for everyone who had access to the files to see, including members of the Court system, if the file was subpeonaed as evidence in a lawsuit.

I am divorced, and one of the most telling glimpses into a potential mates character is how he treats the restaurant server. Of course if he demonstrates a lack of respect there will be no second date, not to mention the horror stories I have heard from food service people exacting revenge on difficult customers…..

In short, treating people poorly is counter-productive, almost never achieving the results aimed for. Additionally, mean people suck.