This I Believe: Accepting people less fortunate

daniel - altadena, California
Entered on March 25, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe: Accepting people less fortunate

For my essay I was not sure what to write about, whether sports, family, or friends; it was not till yesterday afternoon that I knew what I believe. I believe that everyone should give time and food to the homeless.

It was yesterday when I was eating lunch with my mom when a homeless guy walked into the restaurant with torn clothes and a blanket. He came to the register and politely asked for some food. The manager said he could not afford to give anyone food during this recession. I understood why the owner didn’t give him food but I still felt sorry for him and wanted to help. If I still had my sandwich I would have offered it to him but I didn’t.

I was first influenced to help the less fortunate a couple of years ago. I was at πWendy’s eating with my dad. There was a homeless person there too. After I was done eating some guy got up and gave the rest of his food to the homeless guy saying i’m full and it’s the least I can do.

After both of these incidents and many others, I realized we should treat the less fortunate better than we do now by having a heart and giving theme food, clothing, and a chance to get their lives together.

This has helped me as a person. At school when we have food drives I donate lots of food and give money to organizations. I Want to help in a homeless shelter and serve them and hear their life stories and maybe become friends with some of them. I believe that doing this it will help me accept others and help me to be a better person.