i believe in love at first sight

shea - quail valley, California
Entered on March 25, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

I Believe

I believe in love at first sight. Now I haven’t always been so confident in this subject, but over the years I’ve never experienced love at first sight to such an extent. I have lived a life full of people walking in and out of my path, some I loved or at least thought I loved. The day I had my son was the day I truly experienced love at first sight. It was something I endured that shaped my values and morals which will always stay with me for the rest of my life

On that hot summer day of May 2008, I went through an incredible moment that changed so many beliefs that may stick with me forever. The very second I gazed into my newborn sons eyes, I was astonished at what I was holding. I couldn’t fathom a little baby boy wrapped up in a warm, fuzzy thermal blue blanket almost as a baby cocoon bringing me such a love and compassion in my life in the first couple of seconds of his life. There were so many emotions and feelings going on all around me but all I could focus on was how amazing it was that I had so much love for someone that I had just laid eyes on and had barely met.

The very moment he took his first breath was the first time I had my breath really taken away from me. My son really changed my perspective on love as well as my life and of course for the better. I’ve never felt a love the way I do for my child. I was young when I had him but the love I had for him pushed me so much more than I would ever dream of with my own capacity. I now am pursuing college with a one year old, me being under eighteen years old just to show him how strong I truly am. I want to show him that no matter what situations you get yourself into you can bring out your best work in them as well.

Love for many people can be a touchy subject based on personal experiences. Such as if someone had their heart broken their trust might be a lot harder to encompass than others. Some people might rave on about love like it’s the simplest thing in the world. I had so much love in my life growing up but I also had events where I had questioned love tremendously. I honestly never have been a firm believer in love at first sight and I didn’t think that part of me would ever change. I’m definitely glad that changed, and it absolutely did.

Once again I believe in love at first sight, not for everyone, but for me I firmly believe in this now. A child changes your life and made me personally encounter this wonderful state of mind. One year later and I can still walk into a dark room with my son being in it and it is almost like my life is automatically brightened just as a light being turned on. I can have the absolute worst day and just being around my son makes me flip my mood immediately. Your own child has the face of a true angel, and that is something I have never felt before. That is why I believe I have thankfully been exposed to love at first sight.