This I Believe

Miguel - Charlotte, North Carolina
Entered on March 25, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe

Love, compassion, peace, patience, fairness, truthfulness and forgiveness are some of the virtues that I have learned growing up over the years that have guided me to where I am now. I said love because in the beginning there was no one there to really show me the true meaning of love through their actions which left me with a cold heart. I guess you could say that I was lazy and I did not go looking for the love I needed. I wanted it the easy way, like finding a comfortable nest that was ready to nurture me.

When I found this love and embraced it I could not stop thinking about it. It completed me inside and outside. But then I started to question what would happen if that love left me? We felt right together. I felt that I could not want anything else.

After a while I began to feel an absence of its presence . I looked everywhere and a second later this feeling of happiness and joyfulness was gone. I was no longer happy, but lonely again. This is what loneliness plays out for me: eating snicker bars one after another , the super size ones, staying home sleeping, being mean to people and even behaving negatively. Following all of those choices would bring me to a halt. But then I realized that the love was always there. It was taking care of me the whole time. I guess I could have done even more bad things like buy a whole store of snicker bars twice a week, but I came to a conclusion that if I could hold on to this love, I would not have to go through this again.

I learned what I did wrong. I did not call for help. I did not have faith and I did not want to commit to a full relationship with God. I came to know that God loves me for who I am and that he is always with me to take care of me and lead me. So because I wanted love, I chose God, who is with me through my lonely days.