hayley - grafton, Vermont
Entered on March 25, 2009
Age Group: Under 18


My name defines me. Hayley. It’s how people address me and remember me. My name separates me from everyone else. I write it everyday. It’s my soul, personality, and identity in one word.

As I’ve grown older, my name has begun to take shape. Each day I give it more meaning. My name is what I make it and no one can take it away from me. I own it and I didn’t even have to pay for it. When I’m gone, my body will no longer exist but my name will.

My parents gave me this identity as a symbol of their love. My name was chosen for a reason and has a special meaning behind it. I like to think my name is unique because I don’t know many people with the same name. Everywhere I go, I carry my name with me. I cherish it and even if I wanted to, I couldn’t let it go. It is impossible to forget.

My name matches my face and my personal style. I have begun to grow into it. When someone thinks of my name they can think positive things or, negative things. I guess my name is my reputation too.

When all is said and done, my name is my physical combined with everything spiritual. My lifestyle, prefernces, and beliefs are implied when my name is spoken. It may be a little out of the ordinary but I cannot be ashamed of my name.