I Believe in Individuality

Stephanie - Marquette, Michigan
Entered on March 25, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe in individuality: the ability to have the confidence to be you in front of other people. The reason everyone is physically designed differently is a sure sign our personalities should also be different or, at the very least, our own. I believe in doing things that I want to do because I believe in them and not following the crowd because of a fear of sticking out. Some other pet peeves are when someone acts differently around me than they do around a crowd or when a person takes words that are mine and takes credit for them in front of others. From this to that to the little things like pretending they care about things when you know darn well they don’t.

Not only is it annoying but it also makes you wonder, “What’s the point?” Where’s the fun in talking to someone I know is just going to agree with me regardless of whether they really do or not. The worst is when I’m seeking advice from a peer and I get nothing in return but my own words from someone else’s mouth.

I don’t even mean individuality in the sense that I always need to stick out and discuss my beliefs with others. I just get bothered when I see a friend acting –especially when I know they’re acting because I know them so well– like another friend or person. From things like using the abnormal words somebody else uses to pretending the other’s quirks are theirs also. I do understand people change and even adapt to the people around them but I often hear the words, “I’ve always been like that,” when I know that it’s not true. People changing who they are depending on who they are around drives me crazy.

A good example of expressing my individuality would be my senior year History class. Everyone in my class would cheat on all the tests with the study guides from the special education department. Somehow it managed to make it around the school until every student in that history class had gotten a copy. I, scared of getting caught and knowing it was wrong, was one of the select few to turn down the opportunity to cheat.

Being yourself is something I take pride in. I like who I’ve become and have no problems admitting it to others. Whoever you are; accept it and be proud. Don’t morph into being someone you’re not just to fit in.