This I Believe

Cindy - Marquette, Michigan
Entered on March 25, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

“No, I will not have that for dinner,” my brother is arguing with my mother at the dinner table.

“Well, you have to eat it or you won’t have anything to eat.” She said return.

“NO!” he stated.

My father heard the argument from the living room and walked down to the dining room. He begins, “You know that you are lucky to be able to have some choices to the food that you get to eat. When I escaped from Vietnam on a boat, I had no choice but to eat what I could get my hands on. On the island, I get a bit of rice and bean and there are times that I might get some meat. That’s it. You shouldn’t be picky about the food.”

My brother made a face as if he didn’t want to hear it and just brushed it off. He went back to arguing about the food that was on the table. The fact of what my father been through the hardships didn’t mean anything to him.

I didn’t think much of it because I never had to experience a time that I had limited food until the time I had my jaw surgery. I was wired shut so that my jaws can heal properly. With my jaw wired shut I am only allow to have liquid foods. I was limited to four kind of fluid: water, milk, soy milk, and juices. During the three months, I learned that it is really hard to have a limited intake of food. There were times that I have craving of other foods and was not able to have it. It was difficult to do. I was able to image what my father had to go through to get to America.

Then a few year later, during the summer my mother fell ill and had surgery. She wasn’t able to do much and that left the chores to the other in the house to do. At the beginning, it was easy but then it dragged out. She wasn’t enough able to cook. The household eventually started having the same thing every night and we aren’t able to say anything about it because we didn’t want my mother to feel bad. At the time we experience a very small piece of what my father had been through.

I believe that there are times that we take the simplest things for granted and not realized it. Food is an example of this. We tend to abuse the things that we have a lot of and think we will always have it. Then when we lose what we have, we asked why or hate the world for doing that to us. There is a saying, “Absence make the heart grow fonder.” It is true, when the things we love are taken away from us, we want it and desire it badly.