How I see the world

kenan - marlton, New Jersey
Entered on March 24, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

Every morning when I get up before I get out of bed, I say to myself, today is great day; good things are going to happen. And throughout the day I reinforce those thoughts with more positive thinking. I discovered a book a while back that has since then changed the way I see things. I won’t reveal what the book was but I will pass the message along. I have the power within me to manifest my thoughts into my life. I had to think about that for a long time before I could understand that our lives are the physical manifestations of our thoughts. Looking back at my past, there have been many things I have thought about that have come true. For example one night I decided to go out with some friends, earlier that day I thought to myself what if tonight was the night I get a caught drinking and driving, that wasn’t the first time I had that thought. I thought about that many times before. I was always careful with it. But wouldn’t you know that night I got a DUI and it completely changed my life forever. That particular thought was a negative thought so it attracted the negative energy for it to happen. It doesn’t matter that it was negative, what mattered was ,that I was thinking it and it came true. That wasn’t the only that happened. After reading and researching the book, I changed the way I think about things. Thinking about positive thoughts and envisioning how I want my life to be has become a part of my daily routine. People don’t realize how powerful a thought can be, because they are so wrapped up in life that they living. There is a much deeper meaning to what I am talking about. What I am talking about is only the tip of the ice berg. I would encourage anyone to seek the knowledge of this book. I can honestly say my life and the events that happen, are the physical manifestation of my thoughts.