I believe everyone should hunt.

Eric - 77515, Texas
Entered on March 24, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

I believe that everyone should hunt. Hunting is the most exciting, unpredictable sport there is. In football, soccer, and basketball the sport just consists of a bunch of people chasing after a ball, running from one end of the court or field, trying to score points and win a game. The only thing you get from those games is money and recognition. Hunting gives a person something better than either of those. When one is hunting they sit in a deer blind for hours at a time hoping that some force of nature will push a big buck to the feeder. Each day is different when hunting. Anticipating where the best deer will be found only adds to the adventure. Hunting also requires one to be a very accurate gunshot because a bad shot makes everything hell. Although hunting does not offer points as do other sports, it gives good life experiences and provides food and in some cases clothing. Imagine sitting in the stand early in the morning, being really tired and starting to feel hungry for a big breakfast. All of a sudden, a big buck comes out. Quickly and quietly the rifle is grabbed, making sure not to make too much noise. The shot is lined up but as the trigger is pulled, the slightest movement will cause one of two things. It will miss the animal all together, or it will be a gut shot. If the target is missed and the other deer hear the gun shot, the morning hunt is pretty much over, leaving the hunter empty handed. In case of a gut shot, the hunter does leave with the kill but is in store for probably the nastiest experience of their life. On the other hand, when the shot is good and the deer is hit in the right spot the hunter will be rewarded with a cleaner gutting, a bunch of delicious meat and possibly a nice amount of hide to make into some sort of clothing. Hunting doesn’t require tackling another human or kicking a ball around, but does require amazing accuracy to shoot a small area on an animal. Personally I think hunting takes more talent than any other sport. Hunting is not only a sport but a way of survival.