I Believe He Was My Angel

Alejandra - san diego, California
Entered on March 24, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe He Was My Angel

Vittorio was his name,

The name of my cockatiel.

He past away a few years ago

And left a gap and pain.

Why did he have to die? I often asked.

But the answer never came.

Many people laughed and said

“He is just a bird.”

But I know they couldn’t understand.

He had united my family

and helped us re-connect.

He left behind a loving family and

A legacy of pain.

We will never forget him.

Vittorio was his name.

I believe that he was my angel,

That person sent to protect.

He was more than just a bird,

He was my best friend.

When I cried he climbed my feet

And sat on top of my head.

He gave me little kisses and drank

my tears away.

Vittorio was his name.

Every morning when he woke up

He went to climb my bed, and sat

Again on top of my head until I woke up


When he left I saw a light,

perhaps it was his way of saying that his time had come.

That his years with us were over, and he had to

Go back.

Since the morning he past away nothing has been the same.

But every time I feel sad, I still feel him by my side.

Perhaps it’s the wind that blows, perhaps in the air conditioning,

But perhaps it is also my Vittorio who came back to say

“I miss you, and everything will be alright.”

I believe Vittorio is alive, not in the physical sense, but

In the spiritual.