Alluim Cepa

Maria - Bulgaria
Entered on March 24, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in onions. It is rather fascinating how the entire Earth goes around only one simple pattern that can be summarized into one single object – the onion. In its uncomplicated image I can se my deepest wishes, fears and problems.

Allium cepa, also know as onion, is one amazing plant. It grows underneath the ground, into the soil, and is one of the oldest vegetables known to humankind. Moreover, it has a slightly sweet taste, yet still irritates the eye, which makes it very popular among most housewives. Another interesting fact about the onion, is that similarly to the Earth, it has layers and a core in the middle, where one can find its most juicy and delicious part.

While I was younger I started discovering and revealing the mysteries of the world one by one, fighting on far too many fronts, until one day I noticed this incredible similarity between my life and the onion in my plate. Similarly to that simple vegetable, all the things I love and cherish, I have found hidden deep into the ground, requiring a lot of effort and patience. Like little onions my passions have grown from wee seeds, to beautiful big flower heads and later on into biases of my life, growing deep into the ground, above what the eye recognizes. I have also found out that every single problem or belief of mine has layers and facets, like an onion, and it takes hard work and true dedication to get to the inner layers, into the core of things. Usually this process is rather long and painful and the more I cut my onion, the more it brings tears in my eyes, and makes me sob. Yet, I know it is worth all the hard work, once I taste the slightly sweet taste of all those things that are important to me. It raps up into one every fight I have taken and every wish I make, and, thus manages to explain the world to me in a very practical and even biological level.

I believe that my life, as well as the world is one big, mellow onion, representing all truths, away form the obvious. Into its layers it manages to hold the principles of values, work and appreciation, managing to fit the Earth into one little tuber.